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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Southern  African  accounting  researchers  holding  a  relevant  masters  degree  or  PhD degree are invited to submit research proposals forpossible inclusion in the workshop. Up to 20 proposals  will be selected  for discussion  in each of two tracks. The morning track  will feature the work of seasoned/senior Southern African academics holding the rank of Associate or Full Professor and the afternoon track will feature the work of ‘early career’ academics holding the rank of Lecturer or Senior Lecturer.

The IAAER Paper Development Workshop Faculty will select the research proposals to be  included  in  the  29  June  2015  workshop  and  will  attend  the  workshop  to  provide feedback  and  guidance  to  participants.  Authors  must confirm  their  participation  in  the workshop by 15 May 2015. 

Proposals  should  be  submitted  to on  or  before  1  April  2015. Early  submission  is encouraged.  Research  proposals  should  not  exceed  ten  pages (excluding  references).  All  submissions  should  be  double-spaced,  should  use  12-point Times  New  Roman  font,  and  should  be  in  English.  Each  submission  should  include  a brief  (one  page  or  less)  bio  of  the  author(s)  including  the  author’s  current  employer (university) and all degrees held. Only those submissions fully adhering to the preceding guidelines will be considered for inclusion in the workshop. 

Read the call for proposals:  2015_IAAER_SAAA_PDW_JUNE_29

Story By : Ilse Lubbe